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"Painting helps relieve the stress of everyday struggles."

Eric Humphreys

Eric started doing graffiti while attending high school in Santee, CA. At that time, he found joy in releasing his teenage frustrations out on the streets. However, after an unexpected house raid and being slapped with a hefty fine, his parents - supporting his art – decided it would be best to let Eric build a 40ft x 8ft wall in their backyard so he can proceed his outlet of art. Over the years, Eric progressed and discovered different styles and techniques he had never seen before. After moving to Hillcrest, his supportive girlfriend gave him the confidence he needed to show his work to the public and to start pursuing his career as an artist. Now, 27 and working as a Local 619 construction carpenter by day and painter by night, Eric is constantly working and thinking of new ideas. In his words:

“Painting helps relieve the stress of everyday struggles. We all can relate to job stress, money struggles, loss of loved ones, etc. I want my paintings to represent the thought of beauty inside chaos. I want them to be a reminder to search for a smile when it feels like everything around you is falling down. One step at a time, one struggle at a time, one day at a time. Through these paintings I hope we all find the courage to keep pushing forward and focus on the positive in this crazy world.”

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